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  • Shure BETA 53 Headset Microphone

    Shure Beta 53 – microphone

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Comfortable, latex-free earforms that hide behind the ears
    • Thin, non-reflective wireframe that is easily hidden underneath hair
    • Ultra-thin detachable microphone boom mount for right or left positioning
    • Interchangeable frequency response caps
    • Two foam windscreens included
    • Clothing clip for securing cable
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • Durable carrying case for protective storage
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  • Telex MP756 Dynamic 11-Zone Paging Microphone


    Manufacturer Description


    The Telex MP756 is an 11-zone dynamic omni-directional paging microphone, featuring an all-call switch for activation of all paging zones and a paging indicator lamp, outfitted with a sturdy base for desktop paging applications.

    • 11-zone dynamic desktop paging microphone with all-call switch
    • Paging indicator lamp
    • Omnidirectional pickup pattern, speech-optimized frequency response
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  • Yorkville MS-105 Round Base Desk Stand

    Round-base desktop microphone stand, height adjustable from 9″ to 13″, available in chrome or black finish.

    Max. Height (inches/cm): 13 / 33
    Min. Height (inches/cm): 9 / 22.9
    Base Span (inches/cm): 6 / 15.2
    Weight (lbs/kg): 2.5 / 1.1
    Colour: Chrome

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  • Yorkville Sound YDI-1P Passive Direct Box


    Yorkville Sound YDI-1P Passive Direct Box

    Connect your Guitar, Bass or Keyboard direct to a P.A System or recording device. A direct box is used to convert the output of an electric guitar, bass, or keyboard into a signal that can be plugged into a balanced low-impedance microphone input. A transformer inside the passive direct box is used to correctly change the impedance and provide the balanced output. The Yorkville passive direct boxes are designed so that the transformer correctly matches your instrument output to the mixing console input which allows your tone to have the brilliance that you desire. and to get that sound out to a sound system or recording device.

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