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  • Jands Hog 1000 controller referral: 2495.00 – 1. available

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    Jands HOG 1000 console

    • Controls up to 1024 channels
    • Auto menu and advanced fixture control
    • External VGA monitor output
    • Mouse/trackball input provides pan and tilt information for selected fixtures or cursor control
    • User definable fixture libraries
    • Wholehog II operating system
    • Optional Monitor and Mouse available.
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  • Leprecon LP1548 Light Console Used


    Leprecon LP 1548 48 Channel DMX Controller Light Console with Case.

    Memory Consoles with 48 Faders

    Series: LP-1500

    Model: LP-1548

    • Offer the ease of a manual console with the sophistication of a memory console
    • Available with 48 faders, this series will store up to 576 fader presets
    • Cue stack allows up to 288 with point cues with crossfader and “Go Button” with up/down fade times
    • Chase memory includes four programmed and seven programmable patterns of up to 20 steps
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