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Ashley -24.24M OUTPUT CARD


Four-channel output expansion card for Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor

Includes its own dedicated DSP and digital-to-analog converters
Output channel processing blocks consist of a cross point mixer, crossover (Hi-/Low-pass filter), delay, fifteen EQ filters, gain and limiter
The Hi-/Low-pass filter block offers Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley filters with 12, 18, 24 and 48dB/octave slopes
User installable
Base unit automatically recognizing presence of the card without requiring additional programming
Euroblock connectors

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The 24.24M Output from Ashley is a four-output expansion module for the Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor base unit. Each card provides an additional four channels of output and brings with it dedicated DSP and digital-to-analog converters.

The card is field installable and require no additional programming from the base unit. Up to five output cards can be installed for a total of twenty-four outputs. Because of the on-board DSP, the base unit’s processing is not impacted by the addition of the cards.


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