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Community ENT206W 2-way Compact Column Array Loudspeaker


Community ENT206W 2-way Compact Column Array Loudspeaker – 8 ohm / 70V/100V – White

The Community Pro ENT206 is an all-weather, column array loudspeaker housed in an attractive, heavy duty extruded PVC enclosure. Double the height of the smaller ENT203, the ENT206 provides directional control at significantly lower frequencies than the ENT203, along with enough power to effectively cover much larger areas while still remaining unobtrusive. Ideally suited to applications such as music and speech reinforcement for reverberant houses of worship, hotel lobbies, assembly rooms, transit stations, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, outdoor smoking areas, bowling alleys, and much more, the ENT206 is a solid performer that belies its small size. Like the ENT203, the ENT206 also can be utilized to support larger systems for delay and area fill. The ENT206 employs six high-power LF cone drivers and two Community CRE (Compact Ribbon Emulator) HF tweeter arrays in a two-way, single-amped configuration


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The ENTASYS 200 family begins with two small column loudspeakers, the ENT203 and ENT206. Powerful and unobtrusive, these models are intended for use as foreground and background music, fill loudspeakers, `delay’ support of larger systems, and as the primary PA in small environments. The two larger models, the ENT212 and ENT220, are designed for use in medium to medium-large spaces. Highly effective when used as the main system, they can also be matched up with conventional point source loudspeakers, such as the I SERIES and V SERIES models. Their very narrow vertical dispersion precisely directs sound to specific room regions, thereby complementing the inherently broader dispersion of trapezoidal full-range loudspeakers. The ENTASYS 200 models provide a modern solution to the age old problem of directing sound where it is needed – and nowhere else. By reducing room reflections, musical clarity and speech intelligibility are greatly improved.

All ENTASYS 200 models provide an industry-standard NL4 Speakon type locking connector and a screw-type barrier strip for connections to the amplifier. Inputs are located on the bottom of each model.


  • Houses of worship
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms, court rooms
  • Auditoriums, live theaters, museums
  • Airports, train stations
  • Stadium concourses
  • Multipurpose outdoor and indoor venues
  • Delay fill in larger venues


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