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Extron DVS 304 4-Input Video and RGB Scaler


Key Features

  • RGB, HDTV, and video scaling
  • RGB upscaling and downscaling
  • Selectable output rates from 640×480 to 1600×1200, including HDTV 1080p/60
  • Dual RGB or component video outputs
  • Auto Input Format Detection
  • Auto-switching between inputs

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The Extron¬†DVS 304¬†is a Video and RGB Scaler incorporating advanced scaling technology from Extron as well as a host of flexible, convenient, integrator-friendly features. This high performance scaler is designed to satisfy the requirements of today’s high quality, high resolution video presentations using the latest displays, and at the same time facilitate the process of system integration. The DVS 304 is ideal for a wide range of AV environments including boardrooms, conference rooms, educational institutions, houses of worship, and event and staging applications.


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