Crown CM31: 195.00 – 2. available Miniature Super-Cardioid Hanging Condenser Microphone (White)

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The Crown CM-31 is a miniature super-cardioid hanging microphone designed for overhead capturing of choirs, orchestra, stage productions, conferences, lectures and more. The super-cardioid polar pattern is most effective at minimizing noise and ambient signal at the off-axis sections of the microphone capsule, thereby reducing feedback and noise caused by monitor speakers, instruments etc.

The CM-31 provides a smooth, wide frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz which accurately reproduces audio signal from vocals and instruments. A low-cut filter switch eliminates noise and rumble registered at low frequency ranges. The CM-31 includes a removable hanger and a 30 foot (9.15m) XLR terminated cable.

Complete Package
The CM-31 consists of two parts: the microphone with a permanently attached 30-foot (9.15-m) cable and the cylindrical electronics power module with low cut switch.
Wide Frequency Response
Smooth, wide-range frequency response for natural reproduction of the singing voice, organ or other musical instruments.
Low-Cut Switch
Includes a low-cut switch which eliminates noise and rumble registered at low frequencies.
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