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  • AKG D72S Microphone: clear out 45.00 – 1. available with switch

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    Form Factor:
    Dynamic Microphone
    XLR 3 Pin
    On/Off Switch
    Transducer Type:
    Suitable For:
    Live Performance
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  • AKG GN30E5: 235.00 – 1. available – 12″ Gooseneck with XLR Output for Discreet Acoustics Capsule Modules with 5-pin XLR Connector

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    5-pin XLR and Large LED Ring
    A 5-pin XLR male output and large LED ring are provided. The LED ring indicates an active microphone and the 5-pin XLR connection will carry audio signal as well as power to the LED ring from a separate power supply.
    Modular Design
    The GN series goosenecks are completely compatible with the CK series modular microphone capsules.
    Bass Roll-Off
    Low frequency roll-off filter switch reduces low frequency noise caused by ambiance, structure noise, etc.
    Quiet Positioning
    The gooseneck provides silent microphone positioning.
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  • Apex MS-603B clear out: 25.00 – 2. available Microphone Stand – Black

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    Max. Height: 60″/152.4 cm
    Min. Height: 33″/83.8 cm
    Base Span: 9.5″/24.1 cm
    Weight: 9 lbs/4.1 kg

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  • Astatic 119LB: clear out 95.00 – 1. available Podium Microphone

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    Key Features
    • Includes 19″ Gooseneck and Flange Mount
    • Gentle High Frequency Rise
    • Low Frequency Noise Filter
    • Cardioid Polar Pattern
    • 5.5′ (1.7 m) Two-Conductor Cable
    • Black

    The Astatic 119LB Cardioid Gooseneck Microphone is designed to accurately capture speech in conferences, lectures, sermons, and general public address applications. The microphone includes a 19″ gooseneck and mounting flange. Also featured is a rubber-mounting ring that supports the element and reduces gooseneck, stand and handling noise.

    Its cardioid polar pattern effectively reduces off-axis and ambient audio that can cause feedback. A multi-stage blast filter protects the microphone element from noise caused by popping, breath and wind. The frequency response accentuates vocals with a slight rise in high frequencies, and a low frequency noise filter. The 119LB includes a 5.5′ (1.7 m) long two-conductor cable. The cable is shielded to reduce noise caused by radio-frequencies and is unterminated for adapting desired connectors, or attaching to public-address amplifiers.

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  • Astatic 201R: clear out 95.00 – 1. available Install Microphone mini cardioid

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    RF Resistant Cardioid Condenser Mini-Boundary Microphones Miniature installation cardioid “button” style condenser boundary mics for use in teleconferencing or voice lift sound reinforcement. Also may be used in surveillance, ambient recording or audio observation applications. Improved RF immunity to greatly reduce susceptibility to radio interference from GSM based cell phones, PDA/cell phones, cell phones with walkie-talkie capability and other similar devices.

    Operating Principle: Electret Condenser
    Polar Pattern: Cardioid
    Frequency Response: 100Hz – 15kHz
    Sensitivity: -36dBV (16mV) @ 1Pa
    Impedence: 150ohms
    Self Noise: 29dBA
    Max SPL: 129dB, 1% THD
    Power Requirements: P12, P24, P48, 2.4 mA

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  • Atlas Sound MS-10C Microphone Stand

    The Atlas MS10C Leader series microphone stand features a round cast iron base with an adjustable height bettween 35 – 63″.

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  • Atlas Sound MS-10CE: clear out 25.00 – 1. available Microphone Stand with Round Base (Black)

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    • All-Purpose Mic Stand
    • Wearproof Clutch
    • 10″ Diameter Die-Cast Base
    The Atlas MS10CE microphone stand features a round cast-iron base with an adjustable height bettween 35, 45, and 63″.
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  • Atlas Sound Replacement Base for MS-12C/MS-12CE (Ebony)

    Atlas Sound MS-12 Base Replacement Round Base for MS-12C and MS-12CE Microphone Stands

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  • Atlas Tabletop mic stand DS5E: clear out 5.00 – 2. available

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    Fixed-height stands include traditional, circular cast iron base and chrome-plated tubing for application with any standard microphone. DS-5E is finished in ebony epoxy.
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  • AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone: clear out 95.00 1. available – 3.5 mm – microphone

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    AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm is a high-performance and discreet microphone designed for excellent results in rooms with low ambient noise-levels. From hospitals and schools to banks and retail departments, this microphone is ideal for any location where superior audio is required.

    AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm is compatible with any network product that supports a 3.5 mm microphone input jack, or a 4-pin audio connector. Furthermore, this microphone is powered by the network product, so no additional cables or power supplies are needed, helping minimize time and installation costs.

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  • Azden Headset microphone HS-11

    The Azden HS-11 is a unidirectional, vocal headset microphone. The microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern which minimizes noise at the sides of the microphone. The HS-11 plugs into the Azden transmitters with a 1/8″ (3.5mm mini – mono (TS) -jack) connector.

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  • Azden HS-12: clear out 75.00 – 6. available Unidirectional Headset Microphone

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    The Azden HS12 is a unidirectional form fitting headset microphone designed for use with Azden wireless transmitters. The low profile, lightweight design features an adjustable gooseneck ideal for lectures, performances or aerobics instruction.

    Swivel Boom
    The microphone is fixed on a swivel boom that provides optimum pickup.
    Cardioid Pickup Pattern
    Cardioid pick up pattern offers high gain before feedback, suitable for use around monitor speakers.
    Adjustable Headband
    The HS12 features an adjustable, form fitting headband for a comfortable fit during long use.
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