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  • Ashley -24.24M OUTPUT CARD: clear out: 55.00 – 2. available

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    Four-channel output expansion card for Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor

    Includes its own dedicated DSP and digital-to-analog converters
    Output channel processing blocks consist of a cross point mixer, crossover (Hi-/Low-pass filter), delay, fifteen EQ filters, gain and limiter
    The Hi-/Low-pass filter block offers Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley filters with 12, 18, 24 and 48dB/octave slopes
    User installable
    Base unit automatically recognizing presence of the card without requiring additional programming
    Euroblock connectors
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  • Crestron DM-CBL-8G-NP-SP1000: clear out 395.00 – 1. available

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    DigitalMedia 8G™ Cable, non-plenum, 1000 ft spool

    Ultra high-performance CAT5e shielded twisted-pair (F/UTP) cable designed to deliver optimum performance for the wiring of DigitalMedia 8G+®, HDBaseT®, and Sonnex® systems, and anywhere else CAT5e is required.
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  • Neutrik NPPA-TT-S Patchbay: clear out 95.00 – 1. available

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    Patch Bay Neutrik 2 x 48 TT (Bantam) jacks, half-normalled

    Features & Benefits

    • Innovative and compact patching system (just 1U high) for 19″ rack mounting
    • Robustly housed in a black coated steel shell
    • High quality long life gold plated Neutrik prewired double jacks with best contact integrity
    • Qualified for analog and digital signals acc. AES3, 48 kHz sampling frequency
    • Mixed normalling configuration can be done by jack pairs (see accessories)
    • Flexible grounding system (see Assembly Instruction)

    288 solder terminals, individual grounding

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  • QSC Attero: clear out 395.00 – 1. available Bluetooth Audio Wall Plate Receiver

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    QSC Attero Bluetooth® Audio Wall Plate Receiver for Pro-AV

    o Single gang Decora form factor for easy installation in space constrained applications
    o Simple pairing one button pairing/connect process for standalone operation with LED indication of connection
    o Simple serial control protocol for integration with 3rd party control system via RS-232 (Remote connection
    management and status monitoring)
    o Configurable pairing button for flexible integration with and without 3rd party control systems
    o Balanced mono/stereo analog outputs for interfacing to both commercial and consumer audio equipment
    o USB bus-powered connection for simple setup prior to installation and firmware update
    (Configuration only – audio output not supported when powered via USB)
    o Customizable advertised friendly name for co-located device applications
    o Compatible with most smartphones, Apple iPads, and Android tablets and laptop Bluetooth® audio devices


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