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  • Berringer MDX2200 – make an offer – 1. available – 2-Channel Expander/Gate/Compressor/Limiter

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    • IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation) compressor concept combines the advantages of “hard knee” and “soft knee” characteristics
    • Attack and release times controllable automatically or manually
    • Switchable high-pass filter in control signal path avoids low-frequency signals from dominating compressor action
    • Compression characteristics switchable between IKA and “hard knee” characteristics
    • IRC circuit in expander/gate allows for “inaudible” elimination of disturbing noise signals
    • IGC (Interactive Gain Control) peak limiter combines clipper with program limiter circuits
    • Extremely low-noise operational amplifiers and high-grade VCAs
    • High-quality detented potentiometers and backlit switches
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  • BSS DPR 504 Noise Gate: Make an offer 5. Available

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    The DPR-504 is a 4-channel noise gate.

    Each channel features:

    • A parametric key filter with key filter listening.
    • Simultaneous key level and threshold metering with average and peak metering.
    • A gate status LED.
    • A RELEASE/HOLD control (hold tracks proportionally with release times).
    • Attack switchable auto/fast (auto tracks signal dynamics for optimum setting).
    • Link (links two channels together).
    • Key source allows external triggers.
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  • BSS DPR402 compressor: 150.00 – 3. available

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    The DPR-402 is a 2-channel compressor/limiter, high frequency de-esser and wide band de-esser with peak limiting, adjustable speed, dynamics program manipulation, and full LED metering for both input and output.

    Integrated side-chain and gain reduction metering allow for continuous dynamic activity monitoring.

    Auto mode provides program dependant attack and release control.

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  • BSS DPR404 compressor: 195.00 – 3. available

    [wpforms id="87" title="true"]The DPR-404 is a 4 channel compressor with high frequency de-essing.

    Each channel includes:

    • Threshold control
    • Below threshold metering
    • Ratio control
    • A gain reduction meter
    • A clip LED
    • Gain control
    • Linking
    • High frequency de-esser.

    Attack and release time constants are automatically and continually regulated by dynamic and harmonic content of program material.

    The unit features electronically balanced inputs and outputs.

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  • Drawmer DL241 Compressor: 645.00 – 1. available

    Input impedance: 20KÙ
    Maximum input level: +20dBu
    Output impedance: 50 Ù (bal), 100 Ù (unbal)
    Maximum output level: +20dBu
    Bandwidth: < 10Hz to 22KHz -1dB
    Power requirements: 115Volt or 230Volt at 50-60Hz, 9 Watts
    Fuse rating: 32mA for 230Volt, 63mA for 115Volt
    Fuse type: 20mm x 5mm, Class 3 Slo-Blo, 250Volt working
    Case size: 482mm (w) x 44mm (h) x 200mm (d)
    Weight: (incl packaging) 3.2 Kgs

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  • Drawmer DL441 Compressor: 685.00 – 2. available – quad compressor

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    The DL441 Quad Auto Compressor/Limiter captures four channels of Drawmer’s innovative DL241 ‘Auto Compressor’ in only 1U of rack space. The inclusion of new sophisticated ‘automated’ circuitry allows the engineer to precisely control both the dynamic range and ‘absolute’ peak level of the programme instantly, without sacrificing essential control parameters. This perfect balance of features makes the DL441 ideal for use in sound reinforcement and outside broadcast applications where an economy in rack space is essential.

    Each channel combines a fully professional ‘Auto Attack/Release’ Compressor with a variable threshold ‘Peak Level’ Limiter on the output providing a transparent ‘endstop’. High resolution bar-graph displays on each channel allow gain reduction and output level to be viewed simultaneously, of particular importance in darkened concert hall or control room situations.

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  • Drawmer DS201 – 395.00 – 1. available – Dual Noise Gate

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    The DS201 is a sophisticated dual channel noise gate incorporating a number of features pioneered by Drawmer, which are invaluable to the sound engineer, and not found on conventional noise gates.

    • Variable high pass and low pass filters for “frequency conscious” gating.
    • Comprehensive envelope control, attack, hold, decay, and range.
    • Key input for external triggering.
    • “Key Listen” facility.
    • Extremely fast attack time, to preserve the natural attack of the sound.
    • Balanced inputs and outputs.
    • Stereo linkable.
    • Can be used for “Gating” or “Ducking”.
    • High audio specification.

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  • Klark Technik KN360 Make an offer 2. available 31 ban eq

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    Dual 30-Band, 1/3 Octave Analog Graphic Equaliser with Classic Proportional-Q Response


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  • Meyer SIM III 3022 analyzer make an offer 1. available

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    • Unprecedented power and speed with more than 2,000 FFTs per second: results at high resolution in less than one second
    • The ability to test entire acoustical/electronic systems or individual electronic components
    • Voltage and SPL calibrated measurements
    • Two line level and mic inputs with instrumentation grade preamps
    • Optional external line or microphone signal switchers to expand the number of signal branches to be measured without any re-patching
    • Optional internal 2-channel switcher ideal for studio work
    • CD-RW storage for analysis data and export to other environments
    • Digital signal generator capable of creating a wide variety of test signals
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  • TC Electronics D-two – 175.00 – Digital Delay

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    The 1U‑high D•Two is intended to be equally at home in live or recording applications, and follows a stereo‑in, stereo‑out format using balanced quarter‑inch jacks and S/PDIF digital I/O on co‑axial connectors.

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  • TC Electronics M-one – 195.00 – 3. available – Effects Processor

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    M-One – Dual effects processor

    Behind the cool looking exterior of this Dual Effects processor is more than 20 years of know-how and experience in creating high quality sound machines with state-of-the-art sound. The M-One combines our heritage with affordability!

    More than 20 high quality algorithms enable you to make music instead of wasting time programming! Let TC’s world acclaimed intuitive user interface take you there fast and easy.

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  • TC Electronics Reverb 4000 – 795.00 – 1. available –

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    The TC Electronic Reverb 4000 is a single-engine stereo version of Reverb 6000, featuring the best reverbs and presets from Reverb 6000 and M5000 as well as emulations of numerous immortal classics. Reverb 4000 is also the first stereo Reverb capable of rendering credible space onto two discrete sources, or to truly process a composite stereo source. Utilizing the latest hardware technology and software based upon 30 man-years of development, Reverb 4000 offers the most immense and innovative selection of State-of-the-Art stereo Reverbs – at the touch of a button. Designed as a single rack space module with an extremely easy to use instant access interface, and with the option of using the ICON software editor for PC (Mac OSX version available spring 2004) in DAW environments, the Reverb 4000 is the ultimate choice for live- and studio applications working in stereo.

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