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  • Ashley Protea Series 4.24GS: 95.00 – 1. available

    [wpforms id="87" title="true"]Features

    • 24 Bit A/D ” D/A Audio Resolution
    • 24 Bit/100 MHz (x2) Digital Signal
    • Processing
    • Four 28-Band 1/3 Octave Channels of EQ
    • Programmable Compressor/Limiter
    • Programmable Delay up to 1.364 Seconds
    • Programmable High and Low Pass Filters
    • Control From 4.24G, 4.24RD, PC or MIDI
    • ¯ Contact Closure for External Recall of 6 Scenes
    • Balanced XLR and 1/4″ Inputs and Outputs
    • Linkable Channels
    • Constant Q/Reciprocal Filter Design
    • ±15dB Boost and Cut, 0.5dB increments
    • 128 Preset Locations, 50 Scenes
    • RS-232 Computer Interface
    • Full MIDI Implementation
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  • DBX 482 Driverack Used


    • 4 Input and 8 Outputs with routing
    • 31 band graphic or 9 band parametric equalizer on every input (precrossover)
    • Dual Real Time Audio Analyzers
    • Butterworth, Bessel or Linkwitz-Riley
    crossover filters
    • 27 Different Crossover
    • Time Alignment and Transducer
    Alignment Delays
    • Compressor/Limiter on every output
    • Speaker Compensation EQ (post
    • Multi-level Security System
    • Separate House and Show EQ with
    individual lockouts
    • Triple redundant back up of all parameters when running network, 480R
    and GUI
    • TYPE IV™ Conversion System
    • Electronically balanced/RF filtered
    XLR Inputs and Outputs
    • Proprietary RS-485 Control Network
    • RS-232 PC Interface for computer display and configuration

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  • Rane SL2 Serrato – make an offer – 1. available – 2 deck interface

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    A compact, professional 2-deck, galvanic insulated interface packed with creative features to give DJs a competitive edge. Boasting high quality 48 kHz, 24-bit audio, the Rane SL2 includes inputs for 2deck mixing on turntables or CD decks and two software-switchable analog Thru connections for regular vinyl or CD.

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  • SYMNET BREAKOUT12: 195.00 – 1. available

    [wpforms id="87" title="true"]The SymNet BreakIn12 and BreakOut12’s are one rack space SymNet hardware devices which feature twelve selectable
    mic/line inputs (BreakIn12) or twelve line outputs (BreakOut12) to provide additional analog audio I/O to a SymNet system and
    are fully setup from the familiar SymNet Designer software. When added to SymNet systems, they can drastically reduce total
    system price while greatly increasing input and output capacity.
    Unlike the SymNet 8×8, 8in, and 8out DSP units, the BreakIn12 and BreakOut12 contain no DSP processors, a design feature
    which accounts for significant cost savings. Because of the tremendous DSP power contained in a single SymNet 8×8 (4
    SHARC™ floating point processors), many designs don’t fully utilize the 8×8’s DSP potential. The BreakIO boxes allow you to
    tap that full potential. For example, by connecting a BreakIn12 and BreakOut12 to a SymNet 8×8, you create a very powerful
    20×20 DSP matrix at an extremely competitive price.

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  • SYMNET EXPRESS COBRA: 295.00 – 1. available

    [wpforms id="87" title="true"]Symmetrix DSP box with CobraNet integration.

    SymNet™ is a scalable DSP platform configured by SymNet Designer software and made by Symetrix. Installed in Convention Centers, Sports Arenas, Houses of Worship and many other venues throughout the world, consultants, integrators and end-users rely on the robust stability of the SymNet platform. SymNet is an open architecture system. This means DSP modules (EQ, compression, etc.) are placed into the design and connected using standard drag-and-drop methods. Various SymNet hardware can be chained together to provide a custom audio solution for the client. SymNet’s main advantage can be summed up in one word: “Options”. Options for DSP processing, options for audio routing and options for control.

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  • Yamaha/Aviom 16/0-Y1 – make n offer – 1. available – expansion output card

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    The Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net® Card is a
    16-channel output expansion card
    for Yamaha® products supporting
    the mini-YGDAI (MY) format. The
    Y1 A-Net card provides seamless
    direct digital connectivity between
    Yamaha digital devices and Aviom
    Pro16® personal mixing system
    products, including the A360, A320,
    A-16II and A-16R Personal Mixers,
    the D800, D800-Dante, D400 and
    A-16D Pro A-Net Distributors, and the
    AN-16/o v.4 Output Module.
    Y1 A-Net cards fit into any available
    MY expansion slot in the rear of
    Yamaha’s digital consoles. The Y1
    card is also compatible with Yamaha
    Digital Mixing Engine products, used
    to expand the audio processing and
    routing capabilities of digital consoles.

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