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  • ADJ UV Canon – make an offer – 4. available – UV light effect

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    Made from high quality materials and utilizing solid state electronics the UV Canon is built to last and save you money on repairs. Now you can create the permanent professional setup of your dreams, or the professional mobile production of a lifetime with the powerful lighting services of the UV Canon Light Fixture from ADJ – an affordable and lasting investment.

    • 400W Super High output Black light
    • Ideal for large venues – covers a large area
    • Comes with hanging bracket
    • Lamp: LL-400BL
    • Wave Length: 450nm
    • Voltage Operation: 120v / 60Hz only
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 15″ x 13.75″ x 14.25″ / 380 x 310 x 350mm
    • Weight: 26.7 lbs / 9.5 kgs

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  • Altman 1KAF-MPF – 55.00ea – 9. available – Fresnel 6″ Stage Light Fixture Spot Flood 1kw

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    The Altman 1KAF-MPF 1000W Fresnel Light is a basic set lighting device for stage, studio, and television. The 1KAF produces a soft-edged beam which varies in diameter from 5.7-39′ at a throw distance of 25′. This 1KAF is designed for operation with long life and high intensity, and uses tungsten halogen bulbs with prefocus bases.

    It is used in theater for acting area lighting where beam-shaping is not required, or in the studio as a key-light or backlight when a smooth, even beam is required.

    The 1KAF is also used in nightclubs, museums, and show rooms where high intensity, soft-edged, controlled lighting is required.

    Constructed of cast aluminum and designed to withstand trouping
    Allows different focusing of the light beam
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  • Chroma Q Twin Effects – make an offer – 3. available – twin gobo rotator

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    The Chroma-Q® Twin FX Rotator fits the ETC short Source 4, Strand SL, Altman Shakespeare and Selecon Pacific fixtures. It can be operated with either one single or two counter-rotating gobos for stand-alone operation. In addition to 0.25-20RPM standard rotation the Twin FX features adjustable dynamic effects including tick-tock, pendulum, shimmer, accelerate, decelerate, fire, water, rotate-pause and shake-pause. The Twin FX Rotator is supplied with a separate 90-240VAC power supply. Dedicated remote control units are also available.

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  • CHROMA-Q CHGR2FX gobo rotator: make an offer 3. available

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    The ChromaQ CHGR2FX Twin FX Rotator fits the ETC short Source 4, Strand SL, Altman Shakespeare and Selecon Pacific fixtures.

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  • CHROMA-Q Daylight PAR fixture: make an offer – 14. available

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    • 575W 6000°K hot restrike lamp with high colour rendition
    • Based around the rugged and familiar ETC Source 4 Par
    • Supplied with colour frame and a set of lenses
    • Integrated flicker free DMX controlled PSU enables remote on, off and lamp economy mode features
    • 2200 hour lamp option also available
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  • CHROMA-Q M5 plus: Make an offer – 4. available color changer

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    Key Features

    • 2 – 16 frames
    • Suitable for fixtures rated up to 5000W
    • DMX control of fan speed, motor scrolling speed, gel saver mode and reset
    • 4 mode variable fan speed
    • 2 mode variable motor scrolling speed
    • Gel-saver mode
    • Power assist colour scroll loading
    • Fast scrolling access time
    • Easily accessible working components
    • Compatible with other Chroma-Q models & accessories
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  • ETC 410 Light Tube – make an offer – 4. available – 10 degree tube

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    • 10 degree light to for S4
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  • ETC ET400S Drop-in Iris : Make an offer – 24. available

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    The ETC 400RS Drop-in Iris for Source 4 Junior and Junior Zoom Ellipsoidal Spotlights allows a spotting-down diminishing of the light spread. It has a heat-resistant lever, which is manually controlled, according to production mood requirements.

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  • ETC ETS4PAR-EA: make an offer – 266. available source four Par

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    Source Four® PARs™ stand out of the luminaire crowd with their rugged die-cast aluminium construction and acclaimed Source Four optical technology. Superior brightness and energy savings.  Source Four PARs deliver a smooth even field, and at 575 watts are comparable to 1000W PAR64s — while saving 40% on energy.

    Elegant, compact, efficient and flexible – the new standard for PARs.  Source Four PAR have the option of adding snap-in lenses (sold separately) that mount in a cool, rotating ring. That also means no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets. And when you need a new lamp, just use your stock of Source Four HPLs (no need to carry a large inventory of expensive PAR64 lamps). The Source Four PAR’s compact design means more units can be mounted on a pipe or fit into a truck. Combined with reductions in power and cable requirements, Source Four PARs are perfect for touring.

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  • ETC ETSL1210A dimmer: Make an offer 5. available 12ch 10amp

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    ETC 12 channel 10 amp sensor dimmer

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  • ETC Powerpar 575W S4 MSR Fixture: Make an offer 5. available

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    ETC Source Four PAR fixture converted into HMI with integrated ballast.
    High intensity discharge lamp for extremely bright, daylight output.

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  • ETC S4 4 Par Bar (only): Make an offer – 27. available 4xS4 PAR fixtures-Powdercoat w/Soca

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    Powder coated Bar with soca multipin connectors for 4 S4 etc par cans

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