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  • Community D8 speaker assembly: clear out 195.00 – 3. available

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    Community D8 Features:

    • High intelligibility with exceptional uniform coverage
    • Consistent, wide dispersion up to 16 kHz
    • True coaxial loudspeakers with HF compression drivers
    • Tru-Phase™ high-frequency waveguide
    • Patented Carbon Ring Cone Technology™
    • Spring loaded Drop-Stop™ installation assistant tabs support the back can on the included rails and C-ring to simplify installation
    • Uniquely designed tile bridge support rails and snap-on C-ring support plates prevent sag
    • Twist-Assist™ loudspeaker face retainer tabs for fast and easy installation
    • 3/4″ and 1″ knock-outs on the sides of the back can
    • External loop-through Euroblock connectors
    • Rear cover with integrated cable clamp (strain relief) and optional conduit knockout
    • Selectable 8 Ohm or 70V/100V operation
    • Back can and face-only packages available
    • Five year warranty
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  • Community ENT206W: clear out 295.00 – 2. available 2-way Compact Column Array Loudspeaker

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    Community ENT206W 2-way Compact Column Array Loudspeaker – 8 ohm / 70V/100V – White

    The Community Pro ENT206 is an all-weather, column array loudspeaker housed in an attractive, heavy duty extruded PVC enclosure. Double the height of the smaller ENT203, the ENT206 provides directional control at significantly lower frequencies than the ENT203, along with enough power to effectively cover much larger areas while still remaining unobtrusive. Ideally suited to applications such as music and speech reinforcement for reverberant houses of worship, hotel lobbies, assembly rooms, transit stations, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, outdoor smoking areas, bowling alleys, and much more, the ENT206 is a solid performer that belies its small size. Like the ENT203, the ENT206 also can be utilized to support larger systems for delay and area fill. The ENT206 employs six high-power LF cone drivers and two Community CRE (Compact Ribbon Emulator) HF tweeter arrays in a two-way, single-amped configuration


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  • Community VB-VY35: clear out 295.00 – 2. available Vertical Yoke Kit

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    Community VB-VY35Vertical Yoke Kit for Veris2-35 Speaker, Black


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  • EAW CIS400: clear out 165.00 – 2. available flush-mount loudspeaker

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    The CIS400 is supplied fully assembled, complete with a sealed zinc-coated steel backcan and cam-style installation clamps. The metal enclosure includes a recessed Euroblock input connector with detachable mating plug, concealed behind a hinged metal cover plate. A welded tab is provided for seismic restraint. Two steel T-Bar support channels are provided to facilitate installation to a standard tile ceiling. Also supplied is a steel split C-ring, which serves to disperse the clamping pressure of the mounting cams.

    • 6.5 inch cast steel basket, high-efficiency carbon fiber woofer
    • 110º x 110º constant directivity horn with Ferrofluid® cooled, 1″ Neodymium dome  tweeter
    • Built-in LICC low-inductance passive crossover with high frequency dynamic protection
    • Lightweight, UV/weather resistant, high density polystyrene
    • Integrated mounting system and hardware included UL/cUL/CE listed
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  • EV C8.2HC Ceiling Speaker: clear out 95.00 – 1. available

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    EVID C8.2HC

    8″ enhanced pattern‑control 2‑way coaxial ceiling loudspeaker

    • Maximum fidelity and intelligibility for high ceilings
    • Ported enclosure for extended bass response
    • Waveguide-coupled 1-inch titanium-coated tweeter
    • Full-bandwidth overload protection
    • Integrated transformer for 70 V, 100 V, or 8 Ω use
    • Front-panel mode/wattage selector
    • Safe, easy installation with included tile bridge and mounting ring
    • White semi-gloss perforated grille
    • Complete package, requires no additional accessories
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  • Flexon wall mount: cler out 95.00 – 2. available for Sonos Play:5 (SINGLE, BLACK)

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    • all mount bracket for the SONOS PLAY:5
    • Styled to complement the SONOS PLAY:5 while remaining discreet
    • Strong steel construction securely holds speaker in landscape model
    • Tilt and Swivel functionality allows you to angle your music to perfect place
    • Available in black and white finishes, to match the speaker
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK
    • Fixing hardware included
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  • JBL CBT4 Tweeter Array: clear out 195.00 – 1. available (Referral)

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    A Referral is equipment owned and sold by a third party owner. Allstar will send you the contact information after you fill out the contact form.

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  • JBL MTC-300BB12: clear out 195.00 – 6. available

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    JBL’s MTC-300BB12 Three-Cubic-Foot Backbox features extra-thick 16-gauge metal construction and a thick resonance-eliminating lining that also provides extra bass response. Made for the Control 300 Series 12″ Drivers, this backbox has a dual-mounting system for baffle and knockouts on all four sides.

    This back box has a five-year warranty from JBL Professional.

    Extra-Thick Construction
    Strong and durable, this back box is made of 16-gauge metal.
    MDF Lining
    With 0.5″ of medium-density fiberboard lining, this backbox is constructed to eliminate extra resonance and increase bass response.
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  • QSC K8 Yoke Mount Kit: clear out 95.00 – 3. available 

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    • QSC K8 Yoke Mount Kit
    • Two Yoke Spacers
    • Four 25mm Screws with Thread Locking Patch
    • Steel Yoke Bracket (Side 1)
    • Steel Yoke Bracket (Side 2)
    • Six 16mm Screws
    • Six Flat Washers
    • Two Nuts
    • Two 25mm Screws
    • Two Split Lock Washers
    • Two Flat Washers
    • One-Year Warranty
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  • Tannoy IW6 TDC 6: clear out 195.00 – 3. available

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    Tannoy IW6 TDC 6 in Dual Concentric In Wall Speaker product 8000 3760


    The drivers and passive frequency dividing network are mounted in an injection moulded, paintable front baffle manufactured from UV/weather resistant UL94V-0 ABS material.

    The class leading performance is further enhanced by the inclusion of six self aligning, spring loaded clamps; allowing for quick install but also for simple removal or reorientation of the loudspeaker. The rigidity of the clamps and baffle combination crucially provides the acoustically optimum bond to the wall surface without risk of distortion to the baffle itself. Complementing any style of decor, the perforated metal grille and discreet moulded baffle can be painted to blend seamlessly with any environment.

    Gold plated spring loaded terminals are provided for ease of installation and a steel back can is available as an optional installation accessory.

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  • TOA F-2852C: clear out 75.00 – 3. available WIDE-DISPERSION CEILING SPEAKER

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    60W, co-axial 16cm, wide dispersion. ceiling speaker w/19mm dome tweeter, 8/16ohm/25/70V selectable tap, c/w back box

    *This price is limited to stock on hand.


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