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  • Chief PG2A: clear out 295.00 Small Projector Security Cage – 1. available

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    Key Features

    • Directly compatible with RPA & RPM, projector mounts
    • Also attaches to 1″ & 1.5″ NPT diameter poles for use with RSM, & RSA projector mounts
    • Fully encloses projectors in a locked steel cage to protect from theft or recreational damage
    • Saves unnecessary costs and hassles caused by projector mount theft
    • Mount with pre-existing installations without disturbing projector settings
    • Adjustable front opening accommodates different lens positions
    • Hinged door for easy access
    • Accommodates roll, pitch and yaw adjustments
    • Locks with security screws
    • Additional security available with optional padlocks
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  • Mitsubishi OL-XD2000LZ: clear out 195.00 – 1. available Long-Throw Conversion Lens

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    Mitsubishi OL-XD2000LZ Overview

    The Mitsubishi OL-XD2000LZ is a long-throw conversion lens that provides a 2.2-2.9 throw ratio when attached to the original standard zoom lens of the Mitsubishi XD1000U and XD2000U. Offers motorized focus and zoom when attached to the original lens.

    Long-throw conversion lens for attachment to standard zoom lens
    1.3-1.6″ (32.4-40.5mm) focal length, F2.1-2.4
    Motorized focus and zoom when attached to the original lens
    1:1-12:1 vertical shift and +/-10% horizontal shift (offset axis)
    Measures 3.5″ in length, 5.70″ in diameter and weighs 3.3 lbs.
    The Mitsubishi OL-XD2000LZ Long Zoom Lens fits these following Mitsubishi projectors. The aperture range of this projection lens is f/2.1 to f/2.4. The projector’s 1.23x zoom lens has power zoom and power focus capabilities for remote adjustment. The lens weighs 1.5 kg and is 9 cm long.
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  • Panasonic ET-LAE200: clear out 295.00 – 2. available Projector Lamp with Module

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    Panasonic Projector Lamp with Module

    The Panasonic ET-LAE200 is a 330 watt lamp and it burns 4,000 hours in ECO mode, as well as 3,000 hours in normal mode.

    This Panasonic lamp is compatible with Panasonic PT-EW530, PT-EW530E, PT-EW530ELA, PT-EW530U, PT-EW630, PT-EW630E, PT-EW630EL, PT-EW630U, PT-EX500, PT-EX500E, PT-EX500EL, PT-EX500U, PT-EX500UL, PT-EX600, PT-EX600E, PT-EX600EL, PT-EX600U, PT-EZ570, PT-EZ570E, PT-EZ570EL, and PT-EZ570U projectors.

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  • Panasonic ETLAV100: 195.00 – 1. available Replacement Lamp

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    Panasonic ETLAV100 Replacement Lamp – 245 W Projector Lamp – 3000 Hour Normal,

    5000 Hour Economy Mode

    Products Features

    • Product Type: Projector Lamp
    • Lamp Life: 3000 Hour, 5000 Hour
    • Lamp Power: 245 W
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