DBX 482 Driverack Used


• 4 Input and 8 Outputs with routing
• 31 band graphic or 9 band parametric equalizer on every input (precrossover)
• Dual Real Time Audio Analyzers
• Butterworth, Bessel or Linkwitz-Riley
crossover filters
• 27 Different Crossover
• Time Alignment and Transducer
Alignment Delays
• Compressor/Limiter on every output
• Speaker Compensation EQ (post
• Multi-level Security System
• Separate House and Show EQ with
individual lockouts
• Triple redundant back up of all parameters when running network, 480R
and GUI
• TYPE IV™ Conversion System
• Electronically balanced/RF filtered
XLR Inputs and Outputs
• Proprietary RS-485 Control Network
• RS-232 PC Interface for computer display and configuration

SOLD stamp on white background. Stickers and stamps series.

The 482 DriveRack™ was designed with the purpose and vision of providing four independent input and eight output channels of processing power that include 31-Band Graphic equalizers, as well as dbx’s own industry standard dynamics processing. All aspects of the aforementioned features can be controlled by the included dbx Professional Products Interactive DriveWare™ software. Software updates can
also be downloaded instantly from www.dbxpro.com through the RS 232 port.