EV C8.2HC Ceiling Speaker: clear out 95.00 – 1. available

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8″ enhanced pattern‑control 2‑way coaxial ceiling loudspeaker

  • Maximum fidelity and intelligibility for high ceilings
  • Ported enclosure for extended bass response
  • Waveguide-coupled 1-inch titanium-coated tweeter
  • Full-bandwidth overload protection
  • Integrated transformer for 70 V, 100 V, or 8 Ω use
  • Front-panel mode/wattage selector
  • Safe, easy installation with included tile bridge and mounting ring
  • White semi-gloss perforated grille
  • Complete package, requires no additional accessories

Electro-Voice EVID C8.2HC Overview

Sold as a pair, the white Electro-Voice EVID C8.2HC is a passive 8″ coaxial installation speaker designed to deliver reliable full-range voice and music reproduction in environments with high ceilings. Dual integrated waveguides contribute to the speaker’s 75° coverage pattern. When driven by your 70V, 100V, or 8-Ohm power amplifier (available separately), this two-way speaker provides a continuous power capacity of 75W. Equipped with an 8″ polypropylene woofer and a 1″ titanium-coated tweeter in a ported enclosure, the EVID C8.2HC yields a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz.

An internal 2.6 kHz network ensures bandwidth distribution to the speaker components while protecting against damage from overloading. The integrated multi-tap transformer accommodates a range of taps, selectable via a convenient switch on the ABS baffle. The removable Euroblock connector, tile bridge, backing plate support, cutout template, and paint shield simplify installation.

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