Folsom Research SPR- 2000: 250.00 – 1. available

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Screen Pro Video Switcher Used

ScreenPRO features eight universal inputs that accept composite video (NTSC/PAL), s-video, component, HDTV, and computer video sources (640×480 VGA to 1600×1200 UXGA). Folsom’s Auto Signal Lock (ASLTM) technology automatically locks to the selected source and scales it to match the native resolution or “sweet spot” of the projection or display device. The operator can transition seamlessly between different sources. ScreenPRO supports two video outputs, Main and Preview.

A variety of transition effects including dissolves, wipes, cuts, curtain open/close, grids, and fades with variable transition rates are supported. Picture-in-Picture and Keying are provided to support unique presentation effects. User-defined configuration files can be created, stored, recalled and edited. ScreenPRO also has the ability to store a series of up to 64 preprogrammed transition steps. This allows a complete show to be programmed in advance and executed by actuating a single key.

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