Middle Atlantic T-80X6 Tails: clear out 95.00 – 13. available 6 pack, 80″, Connector on one end

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The Middle Atlantic T-80X6 80″ Tail Power Module Connector (6-Pack) is a T series tail that lets you connect incoming power to a single circuit within a raceway. One tail is required per circuit.

Termination: The T-80X6 features a pre-terminated 30A connector that plugs in to a module at one end and wire tails for J-box connection on the other.
Easy Routing: The connector is made from 65 strand, 12-gauge MTW, 20A wire for ease in routing.
Recommended Usage:  For use when connecting modules that are further away from the J-Box.
Quality Workmanship: UL listed.
PART # 303296
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