Pioneer DJM-3000 DJ mixer: 395.00 – 1. available

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  • 19″ Rack mount 4 Channel Mixer with Effect section. Effects can be automatically synchronized to the BPM of the music.
  • Effect Mix allows DJ to automatically utilize “Echo, Roll or Zip” effect with the Cross Fader plus 7 digital effects and Fader Start.
  • Full range of EQ’s (Hi Mid Lo) and level meters for each channel plus Master Level Meter.
  • Digital outputs allow for connection to Digital PA systems MD, DAT or any other device with digital inputs.
  • Optional Rotary Knob kit available to replace volume faders is available.

The DJM-3000 is equipped with an industry-first Effect Mix Mode that accurately effects phrases in a BPM-linked operation along with an improved auto beat effector.

In addition to ECHO and ZIP we have come up with another industry first effect that has been named “Roll“. This runs a mix while changing the pitch of the song up the chromatic scale to the beat of the music.

The Auto BPM Counter automatically measures and digitally displays a track’s BPM (measurement range: 70-139/91-180/70-180/ Manual ) allowing you to merge one song into another smoothly.

Tapping on the TAP button enables you to manually input BPMs of tracks that are difficult to measure. DJ’s can now see the music beat, making it faster and easier to mix tracks with different beats.

The DJM-3000 wide range of effects includes Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger, Pitch Shifter Reverb, Auto-Transform and Auto-Frequency Filter. All of which are auto BPM effectable.

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