QSC K8 Yoke Mount Kit: clear out 95.00 – 3. available 

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  • QSC K8 Yoke Mount Kit
  • Two Yoke Spacers
  • Four 25mm Screws with Thread Locking Patch
  • Steel Yoke Bracket (Side 1)
  • Steel Yoke Bracket (Side 2)
  • Six 16mm Screws
  • Six Flat Washers
  • Two Nuts
  • Two 25mm Screws
  • Two Split Lock Washers
  • Two Flat Washers
  • One-Year Warranty

The QSC K8 Yoke Mount Kit is used to professionally wall/ceiling mount the QSC K8 series loudspeakers in venues, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, houses-of-worship, etc. The kit includes everything necessary for successful installation.

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