TMB Powerpar 575: 175.00 – 6. available

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            Light Source: 575W single ended metal halide source

            Color Temperature: 7200 K with MSR575 2 or HSR575 6000 K

             with MSD575 or HSD575.

            Optical System: Parabolic reflector with a faceted surface in

            combination with interchangeable lenses.

            Cooling: Convection cooled lamphouse, fan cooled ballast.

            Ballast Type: Electronic switch-mode power supply.

            Operating Voltage: Autosensing 90-265V AC, 47-65 Hz

            Power Factor: 0.99 – Auto Correcting

            Power Consumption: 690 VA (3A @ 230V)

            Max. Surface Temp.: 170 C

            Max. Ambient Temp.: 35 C

A 575w high intensity discharge lamp in a modified ETC Source Four PAR™ body. Extremely bright, daylight output in a convenient, attractive package. The output of an HMI fixture with the field quality and versatility of the Source Four PAR

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