QSC TSC-7: clear out 750.00 – 1. available W TouchScreen Q-SYS Wall Mnt. Controller

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Consolidate Dialing and Control: In addition to the dialing functionality for your conferences, this 7 inch screen (800 x 480) can be used to control a myriad of third-party devices prevalent in boardrooms and meeting rooms via the Core (no additional control processor box required). Capacitive Touch Technology: Eliminates physical knobs and buttons increasing product reliability. Single drop PoE cabling: Ethernet connection haves for simplified wire terminations without the need for additional power wiring. Redundancy Options: TSC-7w provides two network ports for connection back to the Q-SYS™ Core. Specifications TSC-7w Display Description Capacitive Touch Surface Panel Dimensions (HWD) 148.5 × 87.5 × 33.7 mm 5.85 × 3.44 × 1.33 in Viewable Screen Dimensions (diagonal) 177.8mm / 7 in Resolution 800 × 480 Brightness 400 nits Connectivity / Power IEEE PoE 802.3af class 3 device via LAN port Barrel Aux power receptacle 24VDC power supply (not included) +12VDC @ 0.5A, locking 2-pos Euro style terminal bloc
Wallmount Option Yes
Table Top Option No
Panel Orientation Horizontal

Q-SYS Touch Screen Controllers, Q-SYS offers a family of high-resolution touch screen controllers native to the Q-SYS Platform. These network capacitive PoE touch screens display fully customizable user control interface (UCI), which can be designed with the Q-SYS UCI Editor within the Q-SYS Designer Software .

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