XL Step Riser 4 ft 16″ : 65.00 – 4. available – 4′ 16″

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Steps are necessary on all stages higher than 8″. Steps allow performers to quickly and safely get on stage and should be incorporated into all large stage designs.

The ultimate in portability and easy set-up. One of the most versatile, strong and lightweight stage systems on the market today, the XL Stage consists of modular, lightweight platforms and risers that can be combined to create customized stages in various heights and configurations.

XL stage systems also features a unique internal locking system that allows for easy set-up and tear-down and ensures that all components are securely fastened and safe to use. Comes standard with a rugged Carpet, TuffCoat or Industrial finish. Go on, feel free to take the stage!


  • Strong but lightweight stage
  • Modular system that can be combined for custom stages and configurations
  • Easy set-up and tear-down
  • Internal locking system secures platforms and makes it safe for use
  • Aluminum profile on all sides
  • Multiple layer sandwich construction (9 mm high-density plywood/7.5 mm honeycomb grid/4 mm high-density plywood)



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