Altman 1KAF-MPF – 55.00ea – 9. available – Fresnel 6″ Stage Light Fixture Spot Flood 1kw

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The Altman 1KAF-MPF 1000W Fresnel Light is a basic set lighting device for stage, studio, and television. The 1KAF produces a soft-edged beam which varies in diameter from 5.7-39′ at a throw distance of 25′. This 1KAF is designed for operation with long life and high intensity, and uses tungsten halogen bulbs with prefocus bases.

It is used in theater for acting area lighting where beam-shaping is not required, or in the studio as a key-light or backlight when a smooth, even beam is required.

The 1KAF is also used in nightclubs, museums, and show rooms where high intensity, soft-edged, controlled lighting is required.

Constructed of cast aluminum and designed to withstand trouping
Allows different focusing of the light beam