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  • AKG D72S Microphone: clear out 45.00 – 1. available with switch

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    Form Factor:
    Dynamic Microphone
    XLR 3 Pin
    On/Off Switch
    Transducer Type:
    Suitable For:
    Live Performance
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  • AKG GN30E5: 235.00 – 1. available – 12″ Gooseneck with XLR Output for Discreet Acoustics Capsule Modules with 5-pin XLR Connector

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    5-pin XLR and Large LED Ring
    A 5-pin XLR male output and large LED ring are provided. The LED ring indicates an active microphone and the 5-pin XLR connection will carry audio signal as well as power to the LED ring from a separate power supply.
    Modular Design
    The GN series goosenecks are completely compatible with the CK series modular microphone capsules.
    Bass Roll-Off
    Low frequency roll-off filter switch reduces low frequency noise caused by ambiance, structure noise, etc.
    Quiet Positioning
    The gooseneck provides silent microphone positioning.
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  • AKG Microphone Table Shock Mount: 85.00 – 1. available

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    The H600 shock mount is designed for permanent installation of E and ES version gooseneck modules from the Discreet Acoustics Modular series.

    This mount provides maximum attenuation of structure-borne noise (20 dB). Each mount consists of a durable low profile plastic shell with a flexible inner rubber boot, and, for added security, features a locking clutch that prevents easy removal of the gooseneck module. Included with the H600 is the A608 insert. The A608 grips the narrow section of the gooseneck and allows for custom height adjustments. The H600 requires a 2.1 inch (53 mm) mounting hole.

    • Isolation from physical vibration
    • Custom height adjustment
    • Security
    • Rugged design

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  • Amplifier TOA P-924MKII

    1. Output power: 240 watts RMS
    2. Wide frequency response: 20 to 20,000Hz ±1dB
    3. Low distortion and noise level
    4. Excellent output regulation
    5. Built-in protection circuitry when heat sink temperature
    6. Separate output terminals for 4 and 8 ohms, 25 and
    70 volts constant voltage speaker distribution systems
    7. Full range of plug-in modules
    8. Input level switch (1,000mV / 100mV)
    9. Mountable in three EIA standard rack units with optional
    rack mounting bracket

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  • Apex MS-603B clear out: 25.00 – 2. available Microphone Stand – Black

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    Max. Height: 60″/152.4 cm
    Min. Height: 33″/83.8 cm
    Base Span: 9.5″/24.1 cm
    Weight: 9 lbs/4.1 kg

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  • Ashley -24.24M OUTPUT CARD: clear out: 55.00 – 2. available

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    Four-channel output expansion card for Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor

    Includes its own dedicated DSP and digital-to-analog converters
    Output channel processing blocks consist of a cross point mixer, crossover (Hi-/Low-pass filter), delay, fifteen EQ filters, gain and limiter
    The Hi-/Low-pass filter block offers Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley filters with 12, 18, 24 and 48dB/octave slopes
    User installable
    Base unit automatically recognizing presence of the card without requiring additional programming
    Euroblock connectors
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  • Ashley Protea Series 4.24GS: 95.00 – 1. available

    [wpforms id="87" title="true"]Features

    • 24 Bit A/D ” D/A Audio Resolution
    • 24 Bit/100 MHz (x2) Digital Signal
    • Processing
    • Four 28-Band 1/3 Octave Channels of EQ
    • Programmable Compressor/Limiter
    • Programmable Delay up to 1.364 Seconds
    • Programmable High and Low Pass Filters
    • Control From 4.24G, 4.24RD, PC or MIDI
    • ¯ Contact Closure for External Recall of 6 Scenes
    • Balanced XLR and 1/4″ Inputs and Outputs
    • Linkable Channels
    • Constant Q/Reciprocal Filter Design
    • ±15dB Boost and Cut, 0.5dB increments
    • 128 Preset Locations, 50 Scenes
    • RS-232 Computer Interface
    • Full MIDI Implementation
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  • Astatic 119LB: clear out 95.00 – 1. available Podium Microphone

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    Key Features
    • Includes 19″ Gooseneck and Flange Mount
    • Gentle High Frequency Rise
    • Low Frequency Noise Filter
    • Cardioid Polar Pattern
    • 5.5′ (1.7 m) Two-Conductor Cable
    • Black

    The Astatic 119LB Cardioid Gooseneck Microphone is designed to accurately capture speech in conferences, lectures, sermons, and general public address applications. The microphone includes a 19″ gooseneck and mounting flange. Also featured is a rubber-mounting ring that supports the element and reduces gooseneck, stand and handling noise.

    Its cardioid polar pattern effectively reduces off-axis and ambient audio that can cause feedback. A multi-stage blast filter protects the microphone element from noise caused by popping, breath and wind. The frequency response accentuates vocals with a slight rise in high frequencies, and a low frequency noise filter. The 119LB includes a 5.5′ (1.7 m) long two-conductor cable. The cable is shielded to reduce noise caused by radio-frequencies and is unterminated for adapting desired connectors, or attaching to public-address amplifiers.

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  • Astatic 201R: clear out 95.00 – 1. available Install Microphone mini cardioid

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    RF Resistant Cardioid Condenser Mini-Boundary Microphones Miniature installation cardioid “button” style condenser boundary mics for use in teleconferencing or voice lift sound reinforcement. Also may be used in surveillance, ambient recording or audio observation applications. Improved RF immunity to greatly reduce susceptibility to radio interference from GSM based cell phones, PDA/cell phones, cell phones with walkie-talkie capability and other similar devices.

    Operating Principle: Electret Condenser
    Polar Pattern: Cardioid
    Frequency Response: 100Hz – 15kHz
    Sensitivity: -36dBV (16mV) @ 1Pa
    Impedence: 150ohms
    Self Noise: 29dBA
    Max SPL: 129dB, 1% THD
    Power Requirements: P12, P24, P48, 2.4 mA

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  • Atlas IED SD72 Ceiling Speaker: 14.00 – 8. available

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    8″ Dual Cone In-Ceiling Speaker with 25V/70V 5-Watt Transformer

    Model SD72 is a dual cone, 25 watt 8″ (205mm) speaker with a 10oz. (260g) ceramic magnet. It includes a curvilinear, treated paper cone for lower harmonic distortion. The speaker is also equipped with a full 1″ diameter copper voice coil with a black anodized aluminum former for better power dissipation.

    Model SD72 operates within a frequency response range of 45Hz – 19kHz (nominal) with a sensitivity of 97dB and a dispersion angle of 105°. Package includes factory installed 25/70.7V line matching transformer with tap selections ranging from .25 to 5 watts.

    The unit mounts a wide variety of AtlasIED round and square baffles and enclosures (not included) to meet functional and aesthetic application requirements.


    • 5 Watt-Dual Voltage Transformer
    • Individually Packaged for Stocking & Ordering Convenience
    • Quality 10oz Dual Cone Speaker Provides Familiar Response & Performance
    • ETL Certified, Safety Listed to UL1480

    *This price is limited to stock on hand.


    Tax excluded Delivery time will be assessed once a shipping method is quoted and payment in full is verified.

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  • Atlas Sound MS-10C Microphone Stand

    The Atlas MS10C Leader series microphone stand features a round cast iron base with an adjustable height bettween 35 – 63″.

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  • Atlas Sound MS-10CE: clear out 25.00 – 1. available Microphone Stand with Round Base (Black)

    [wpforms id="87" title="true"]Key Features
    • All-Purpose Mic Stand
    • Wearproof Clutch
    • 10″ Diameter Die-Cast Base
    The Atlas MS10CE microphone stand features a round cast-iron base with an adjustable height bettween 35, 45, and 63″.
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